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Explore the Beauty of Thailand

If you desire an unforgettably stunning holiday vacation with a True Bangkok Escort girl, Thailand's many options for adventure and fun are exactly what you are looking for!

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Long time travelers throughout Thailand are often excited to book a True Bangkok Escort girl.  But they've also been intrigued by the fact that there are many wonderfully amazing locations in Thailand they have yet to visit!  From the beaches in Thailand to the nightlife of Bangkok to the rural areas of the North, Thailand has a lot to offer a tourist.  Here you'll find unique adventures, majestic landscape and seascape, as well as a traditionally rich cultural experience.  Imagine having a True Bangkok Escort girl while traveling to exotic locations throughout Thailand!

Thailand is a "tropical paradise"

There is simply so much to do and see in Thailand that one visit will never scratch the surface of this wonderfully unique tropical country.  It's vibrant Thai population has made Thailand known worldwide as the "Land of Smiles".  After one visit to this land some have called it a "tropical paradise".   Experience it once and you'll want to return soon to experience even more!  In fact, Thailand is one of the few countries in the world today in which most tourists make a return visit.  Finding just the right True Bangkok escort girl is another reason to return!

Visit this TOP tourist destination with a True Bangkok Escort girl!

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And there's a good reason why!  If you like variety, Thailand has much to offer.  So come and experience crystal blue water and beaches, tropical jungles, amazing food, inexpensive lodging as well as some of the finest luxury hotels in the world.  Thailand has something for everyone to enjoy with many interests for every low, medium and high travel budget.  This tropical paradise boasts of its' unique cultural heritage, history and a people famous for their enduring smiles in times of both little and plenty.  The Thai language is unique with it's 44 characters and 5 tones, making it one of the most unique and interesting languages in the world.  And of course, traveling with the True Bangkok escort girl of your dreams is like icing on the cake.

Nothing is more spectacular in Thailand than a visit to one of the many islands that are closely aligned with it's many kilometers of coastline.  At peak season, tourists are often seen frequenting the island cruise boats that scour the beaches for a day trip to the islands.  This is a perfect place to take Bangkok escort.  Therefore, you'll love the crystal blue waters, cheap beach front bungalows, warm sea breezes and some of the best seafood cuisine.  As a result, it all awaits the visitor to any one of the many islands off Thailand's pristine coastal waters.

Phi Phi Island

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No Thai island has received more attention than the famous Phi Phi Island.  The island was the setting for the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Commonly known as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world.  In addition, the sea life and coral reefs are nothing short of exhilarating to witness in person.  What a fantastic place to enjoy your time with a True Bangkok escortBook your True Bangkok Escort girl.  Diving around the island reefs allows fantastic views.   So you'll see impressive varieties of marine life such as lots of small fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, large fish and possibly even a whale shark.  Every year thousands of tourists come to Thailand to get certified as a diver and the cost is very affordable.

If you are interested in a luxury Phi Phi island resort, we recommend Phi Phi Island Village.   This is a 4.5 star tropical resort set within the natural surroundings of lavish vegetation. The resort affords amazing views of the Andaman Sea.  You can tour the waters around Phi Phi island on their new luxury PP11 boat which provides direct transit from Phuket to the resort.

Tour in style and luxury

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The brand new resort boat is a 15m twin powered dual hull aluminum catamaran.  Therefore, has all the gadgets with a cruising speed of 20-25 knots making the trip to the resort within 1hr. 30min.  The resort boat is fully equipped with all the latest technology to enhance your luxury cruise around the island.  The Lagoon 400 pictured above is the ultimate luxury cruiser with its shallow draft, and four berths.  Some of the charter companies are based in Phuket but can charter in and around nearby waters such as Langkawi, Phang Nga bay, Phi Phi and the surrounding islands.  Your True Bangkok escort girl will guide you through the rental process.  So you'll be on your way for the BEST time of your life!

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Superb Dining in Style: Top Restaurants in Bangkok

Part of our Bangkok escort service is providing travel guide information.  The street vendors of Bangkok's bustling city streets have often drawn the attention of travelers crave authentic Thai food.  There's little doubt that, not only the escort Bangkok business, but the taste bud assault of the local Thai cuisine has long brought many a tourist to the Thai capital.

Beyond the flavorful complexity of the street stall entrees has emerged a new emphasis.   Over the past decade there has been a focus on quality, taste, creativity and variety of Thai and international cuisine amidst the expanding restaurant community in Bangkok.  If you are looking for a creative atmosphere, authentic cuisine or ambiance our True Bangkok escort service can include a dinner date.  Bangkok restaurants provide a dining experience for every occasion.  What are the BEST restaurants in Bangkok?  Amidst the hundreds to choose from here are just a few that stand out in the crowd.


1. Gaggan - Fine Indian Cuisine (Website)

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Now top Bangkok restaurants like the Gaggan are surpassing restaurants in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong in quality and creativity; and have for a second year in a row won the top culinary prize in Asia as the number one restaurant in the San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

Seen as perhaps the BEST Indian restaurant in the world, the 35 year old Owner/Chef Gaggan Anand states, "It’s very difficult to classify our cuisine. Basically it’s about putting old school and new school together. This is progressive cuisine".

The restaurant opened in 2010 with a vision to "reinvent" the image of Indian cuisine by adding innovation and extraordinary creative flair to traditional Indian dishes.  Open Monday to Sunday from 6pm - 11pm, Gaggan is fast becoming a popular dining extravaganza for the connoisseurs of Indian cuisine, as well as those who are looking for fine gourmet food. Reservations are advised.


2. Eat Me - International Cuisine in an Ambient Setting for your True Escort Bangkok (Website)

Bangkok escort service with a smile with Eat Me restaurant

Oddly enough this is an art gallery and a restaurant for those who enjoy ambiance with an artistic touch. Why include it in our restaurant Bangkok escort service listing?  Eat Me favors a contemporary and creative international crowd with two floors decorated with modern art, and a lively bar delivering unique cocktails like the popular fig and ginger martini.

Chef Tim Butler from NYC ran a catering company in Bangkok until finally joining Eat Me in 2010 and has revamped the menu into a world class restaurant.

Dishes range from Australian beef to Japanese cod to Manila clams with a fresh creativity to each dish. Listed as #23 among Asia's Top 50 restaurants in 2016, Eat Me is one of Bangkok’s favorite dining and nightlife scenes.

With a relaxed atmosphere for the party crowd who desire to sit back and listen to music over cocktails or for a romantic date night dinner Eat Me is special.

Celebrating their 18th year in business this year, Eat Me is uniquely tucked away in a small Soi near Convent Rd. Reservations may be necessary.


3. Smokin' Pug American BBQ (Website)

Bangkok escort service takes you to a BBQ this time

Top Tables Bangkok 2016 ranked Smokin' Pug #25 out of 116 restaurants, so this has got to be good, right??  And good it is!

If you have a taste for the BEST BBQ pork ribs in Bangkok, then this is guaranteed to be your BBQ heaven.  Smokin' Pug has quickly gained the reputation as THE BBQ hot spot in Bangkok.

Whether you crave a juicy slab of Baby Back BBQ ribs that are out of this world or a half rack of Baby Back ribs and a half Slow Smoked chicken appropriately garnished with a hefty portion of slaw, beans and cornbread you cannot go wrong at Smokin' Pug.

The earth tones of the red brick-faced storefront and the creative laid back rustic interior filled with the sounds of guitar music makes for a real fun dining experience.  Top that off with the free flow of homemade potato chips, a tasty beer and slide guitar and it's finger lickin' good!


4. Nahm Thai Restaurant (Website)

Escort Bangkok

Our Bangkok escort service would be amiss if we did not include a fantastic Thai restaurant.

Topping the list of prestigious Thai restaurants in Bangkok is Nahm, located in the Metropolitan Hotel.   This is the only Thai restaurant awarded among the Top 50 Restaurants in Asia and rightly is superb dining!

Chef David Thompson's expertise in Thai cooking led him to the Michelin award for his Nahm Thai restaurant in London.  And now he has once again made Nahm Bangkok restaurant an excellent choice and an award winning Thai cuisine.

The Thai dishes are unique, creative and of course healthy with only the finest and freshest ingredients from the local produce in Bangkok.  The dinner menu is on the high price end, but splurging on a fantastic meal with True Escorts Bangkok is a time honored tradition.

For a less expensive option, the luncheon menu offers 3 main sets and dessert all for around 1100 Thai Baht.  Overall, a worthwhile visit to sample some of the mouthwatering Thai delicacies cooked to perfection at the Nahm Bangkok.


5. Enoteca Italian Restaurant (Website)

Bangkok Escort

If you have perused the landscape of Bangkok restaurants at all you know there seems to be a plethora of Italian restaurants.  Unfortunately, not all of them survive our Bangkok escort service restaurant listings competition in grand style like Enoteca.  Enoteca Italian Restaurant is not only one the survivors within the highly competitive industry of Bangkok restaurants, but along with Gaggan may perhaps share the top of the mountain in terms of quality and creative Italian dining.

Enoteca is peacefully secluded and conveniently located amidst the busiest section of Sukhumvit Rd. so it is accessible to all hotels and condos near downtown Bangkok.  Chef Marco Pacetta hails from Naples, so expect some very authentic Italian culinary delights that are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.  If you are looking for Italian cuisine that reflects the adventurous trends of creative Italian gastronomy, Enoteca is one of the absolute best!

The rustic brick building appointed with wooden beams and garlic and onions hanging from the ceiling is a cozy setting for a romantic dinner or with a group of friends.  From the incredibly delicious Australian beef tortellini to appropriately seasoned Sea Bass to various pasta dishes to extravagant Italian desserts, Enoteca has positioned itself as Bangkok's trendsetter in Italian cuisine and promises to deliver the best.

Of course, an Italian restaurant menu would not be complete without an elaborate wine list.  Here's an exclusive True Bangkok escort service tip: Enoteca has a premier selection of over 400 labels of organic and biodynamic wines to make your dining experience complete.  Their dishes are moderately priced at between 500-1200THB, and well worth the experience for a fantastic Italian meal amidst a cozy, relaxed atmosphere for True Escorts Bangkok.


6. Ginza Sushi-ichi Restaurant (Website)

Escort Bangkok

If you are looking for the BEST in Japanese food, what could be more of an attraction in our Bangkok escort service listings than a Bangkok branch of one of Tokyo's most famous sushi restaurants?  The Ginza Sushi-ichi Tokyo under the culinary leadership of head chef Masakazu Ishibashi won the Michelin Star award for their fine Japanese cuisine.  Now he's here at their branch Ginza Sushi-ichi Bangkok, training other chefs and duplicating the same extraordinary Japanese cuisine with freshness that is unmatched among Bangkok restaurants in the sushi scene.  Top Tables Bangkok 2016 ranked Ginza Sushi-ichi #4 out of 116 restaurants.

The restaurant is conveniently located on Ploenchit Rd. in the downtown area modestly decorated in light colored hinoki wood with two 11 seat dining areas that surround the sushi preparation area.  The relaxing dining atmosphere is enhanced by the precise and unique preparation of Japanese dishes made with the freshest ingredients available.  How fresh are they?  Ginza Sushi-ichi flies their fish in daily from Tokyo which means whenever you dine at this restaurant you can be assured the fish were in the market less than 24 hours ago.

Neatly dressed, bilingual waitresses lead you to your seats and the menu is based on omakase service, which means the chef decides what you eat based upon the best catch of the day.  Their prices are on the highend.  Lunch starts at 1300THB and dinner is from 4000THB for the Sakura Course to the Sushi Ichi Course at 10,000THB.  A favorite dish is the Hokkaido taraba crab which starts at 4500THB per crab.  Or you could try the wild and fresh blue fin tuna.  The restaurant is very particular about the freshness of the tuna, so you can be assured it is top quality purchased at the first auction at the Tsukiji Market that same day!


7. Le Normandie Restaurant - Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Website)

Bangkok escorts

Next in our Bangkok escort service restaurant listings is one of the premier French restaurants in Bangkok, the Le Normandie at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  From the elegant setting and scenic views of the Chao Phraya River to the excellent cuisine featuring contemporary creations of authentic French culinary delights, the Le Normandie is the epitome of chic dining when using our True Bangkok Escort service.

The impeccable service of the Le Normandie is only out done by it’s authentic French food.  This romantic and intimate 12-table setting has long been the favorite of international guests and local celebrities alike.  The restaurant is artistically decorated serving à la carte or prix fixe, from a five-course lunch to a seven-course dinner.  Le Normandie features a magnificient roasted duck breast and red currants, milk-fed French lamb as well as seasonal dishes.  The pastries favor classic French sweets such as soufflés and crêpes suzette.  The prices are expensive and there is a dress code of dinner jacket for men, but the culinary experience and elegant atmosphere is always extraordinary.

The cocktail and wine lists are extensive and available at lunch and dinner.  The staff are both formal and friendly, and the cuisine is nothing short of superb every time!  For a spectacular view and excellence in dining, the Le Normandie is open six days a week and reservations are essential.


8. Scarlett Restaurant - Pullman Hotel (Website)

We specialize in the best Bangkok escort service for your enjoyment

This restaurant is designed with a touch of elegance.  The spacious and intimate atmosphere makes the Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant suitable for romantic dinner or a gathering of friends can be seen enjoying a night out with fine dining.

Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant on the 37th floor of the Pullman Hotel Silom combines fine international/French cuisine with stunning vistas of Bangkok's skyline.  The vast restaurant seats 160 people, but the warm atmosphere makes it a cozy and very relaxing place to break away from the bustling city of Bangkok.

The cocktail and wine lists are voluminous and exotic.  Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by a very friendly hostess who will seat you at a reserved table.  Be forewarned, the Scarlett typically fills up on weekends so a reservation is definitely recommended.

Stay tuned for more later...

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Hotel Guide "Escort in Bangkok Friendly"

Since "Escort in Bangkok Friendly Hotels" are hotels that DO NOT charge a guest fee.  So for our Bangkok escorts to comfortably enter your room we post them here.​  As a result, the guest fee often varies with each hotel and is typically placed upon your hotel bill for payment on your check out date.  Escort in Bangkok hotels listed below are a suggested list where most of our valued clients have stayed over the years.  Therefore, this list is NOT intended to be a complete list of all escort in Bangkok friendly hotels in Bangkok (hotel policies are subject to change).​

Sukhumvit Area

Adelphi Grande

Admiral Suites

Aloft Bangkok

​Ambassador Hotel

Aspen Suites

Centre Point Sukhumvit

Citadines Hotels

City Lodge

Dawin Hotel

Davis Hotel

Dream Hotel

Four Points Sheraton

Frasier Suites Sukhumvit

FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit

Fusion Suites

Grand President

JW Marriott

​Landmark Hotel

Le Fenix Sukhumvit​

Majestic Grande

Majestic Suites

Oakwood Residence

Phachara Suites

President Solitaire

President Park

Rembrandt Hotel​

Royal President

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

S15, S31, S33 Sukhumvit Hotels

Tai Pan Hotel

Westin Grande

Unico Hotel

Ploenchit/Radjamri Area

​Anantara Hotel

Centrepoint Langsuan

Centrepoint Wireless

Conrad Hotel

​Grande Hyatt Erawan

​Holiday Inn Ploenchit

​Intercontinental Hotel

Mayfair Marriott

​​Plaza Athenee Hotel

Silom/Sathorn Area

Ascott Sathorn

​Centrepoint Silom

​Chatrium Residence

Dusit Thani Hotel

Eastin Grand Hotel

Evergreen Hotel

Furama Silom

FuramaXclusive Silom

Holiday Inn Silom Hotel

​Lebua at State Tower​

​Le Meridian Hotel

Como Metropolitan Bangkok

Montien Hotel

Novotel Fenix Silom

Pullman Bangkok Hotel

Sofitel Silom Hotel

Sukhothai Hotel

Triple Two Silom​

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Best Western Amaranth Hotel

Green Garden Hotel

​Regent Hotel​

Other Hotel Locations

​Amari Atrium

Amari Don Muang Airport

Amari Watergate

Anantara Riverside

Chaophya Park Hotel

Chatrium Hotel Riverside

Emerald Hotel

Grande Millennium/Pullman

Grande Mercure Fortune

Mandarin Oriental

Millennium Hilton

​Novotel On Siam

​Peninsula Hotel

Royal Orchid Sheraton

Shangrila Hotel

Swissotel Le Concorde

No results found in this location. Please try again.

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Driving in Thailand with True Escorts Bangkok – You can do it!

For the avid tourist, traveling throughout Bangkok with one or more True Escorts Bangkok is not too much of a problem. Public transportation sources such as taxis, tuk-tuks, the Skytrain, Subway or motorcycles are all abundantly available throughout the city.  But two of the most important considerations for anyone planning to travel outside of Bangkok is how to get around and what do I need to know?  Can True Bangkok Escorts show me Thailand?  They sure can, but there's a few things you should know.


Bangkok escorts are in traffic everyday

Best way to travel outside of Bangkok

Traveling by air, train or bus are typical modes of transportation for arriving at your travel destination within Thailand.  If you’re staying in a city, chances are they have some of same transportation options available in Bangkok such as taxis, tuk-tuks, or motorcycles. But if you want to venture with True Bangkok Escorts outside of the “beaten path” of city life, you may want to rent a vehicle. The good news is many rental car companies have branches throughout Thailand and at local airports, so renting a vehicle is a fairly easy option.


Escorts bangkok know tuk tuks very well

The pleasure of having a car and not relying on public transportation can be especially helpful and pleasurable when there are True Bangkok Escorts involved.  It also allows you to explore the beauty of Thailand on your own schedule. Discovering some of the remote areas of the country is also much more possible, especially where public transportation is sparse or even non-existent.


What do I need to know?

So, what do you need to know to rent a car in Thailand?  Of course, rental car rates differ according to company, dates and times. Having the appropriate drivers license and knowing your insurance options are also important considerations.  Finally, knowing what car rental companies are most available in your location and what the procedures is also very helpful information.  Can some of your True Escorts Bangkok drive a car?  Yes, some do drive.  But if you want drive the following are some pointers.


What kind of driver’s license is required?

Driving in Thailand requires that you have either a Thai Driver’s License or an International Driving Permit.  Obtaining a Thai Driver’s License requires you to show that you a non-immigrant B Visa and a Work Permit.  Since for the average tourist that’s not possible, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended.  An IDP can be obtained from the Motor Vehicle Dept. in your home country.  It should be carried with you while driving in Thailand along with your passport and visa.  Police stops have increased in Thailand under the new government, and not having the proper documents could result in a fine.  It's also not a nice experience for our True Escorts Bangkok.


Watch out for crazy drivers!

Most foreigners can navigate through city streets, sois and even the rural areas of Thailand without too much trouble. Many of the main roads are still in good condition. But it’s avoiding careless and reckless drivers on the road that is Thailand’s current road crisis. There is a complete lack of traffic monitoring and law enforcement by Thai police. Don’t expect to be pulled over for speeding, because there are no police in sight.  Therefore, there’s the tendency for many drivers to drive very offensively, NOT defensively. Some foreigners are shocked at the tactics that are used by drivers in Thailand to “get ahead” of everyone else. Those are some of the reasons why Thailand now has the dubious reputation of ranking as the #1 country in the world in traffic fatalities.

Bangkok escorts are busy in traffic everyday

Once into the rural areas, there are some other dangers you should be aware of.  You’ll find some of the roads are properly lit at night. So, drive slowly!  Dogs may be lying in the middle of the road, because they like too! On a dark road they can also be difficult to see. So, proceed carefully. Furthermore, remember if you’re from the US, Thailand drives on the left side of the road, not the right.  So, after these warnings you might feel you don’t want to take the risk to drive in Thailand. Therefore, if you are looking for a good package where you don’t have to drive, we recommend TakeMeTour as a good option.


How much does it cost to rent a car in Thailand?

Renting a car in Thailand depends on four factors. Rental car rates tend to vary based upon which rental car company you choose. Also, rental rates are based upon what type and size of car you want. Rental car rates vary as well according to how many cars the car rental company actually has left to rent on that day. Lastly, your rental options may be based upon what companies are available at your location in Thailand.  True Escorts Bangkok are trained to help you if you want to rent a car.  Sometimes it's better if a Thai person rents the car.

You can expect international companies like Hertz and National to offer standardized international rental car rates. With other local companies, the rental rate for a small car might start as low as 700THB per day. A larger model can cost as much as 3000THB per day. If you want a luxury car (i.e. BMW) then you may be looking at as much as 10,000THB per day!

It’s always a clever idea to book your car well in advance. Booking in advance may land you a discount on your rental as well. Especially if you plan to rent for an extended period of a week or month. Some websites provide rental rate comparisons. We recommend that you check out one of these sites to book your car online in advance.


What do I have to pay?

When booking your car and receiving your rental rate, you can also expect the standard VAT charge of 7% to be included in the cost. If you return the car past the due date and time, there will be an extra charge of either per hour or for an entire day. Be careful here and check with the rental company in advance for their late return policy.  Have our True Escorts Bangkok help you with any language problems here.

You will need to pay a deposit and use your credit card to book your car on site. The deposit will be placed upon your credit card and held until you return, but you will not be charged. You pay the entire amount when returning the car and the deposit is cancelled. A caution here when using your credit card for a deposit. Make sure you have enough balance on your card if you intend to use it on your trip. Or you may find that your deposit “maxed” out your card balance!  That's not a nice experience when traveling with True Escorts Bangkok who are looking to enjoy Thailand at your side!


Here’s a listing of local car rental companies

Thai Rent a Car

escort in Bangkok knows which company is the best

This company has been around for several years and is one of the largest in Thailand. Thai Rent a Car rental rates are comparable to international car rental companies. The nice feature about this company is they will deliver the car to you and pick it up as well! They have all models and sizes from budget cars to luxury cars and SUVs.


Chic Car Rent

Bangkok escort girl is ready for action in a new car

One of the most reasonable car rental companies is Chic Car Rent. They have many locations in the major cities of Thailand. But airport locations are their major location of business and not in the city. The average rental rate could be as low as 800-900THB per day. But watch out for the deposit on your credit card.  It can be quite high (i.e. approx. 20,000THB).


Bizcar Rental

bangkok escort service can include a car

Another well established local company is Bizcar Rental. Branches of the company seem to be easy to find in major cities in Thailand in additon to their airport booths and offices. They offer a large variety of cars from small to luxury to SUVs. Bizcar often runs various promotions that provide reduced rental rates and extra services.


Ezy Rent a Car

I like a bangkok escort girl

So, what if you want to rent a car for a longer period?  Which company is the best?  We suggest Ezy Rent a Car. There is a three-day minimum rental with this company.  Many of their cars are about 5 years old. But the reduction in rental rates is well worth it. Their special insurance policy covers collision and all sorts of problems on the road. Even damage to the key of the car is covered!


Sawasdee Rent a Car

Bangkok escorts

Another long-term rental car company is Sawasdee Rent a Car. You can get some excellent rates for a week or even a month. Cars are kept in excellent condition due to their longstanding relationship with Toyota dealers in Thailand. The insurance policy is First Class which means you are covered for every mishap on the road.  The deposit may be the lowest among local companies as well. Minimum rental is a week or a month and their rental office location is at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Bangkok escorts are sexy

You Can Have a REAL Girl Friend Experience with escorts in Bangkok!

When it comes to booking escorts in Bangkok usually what every man wants to know one thing.  "Will I get my money's worth in this session OR will I be disappointed because she didn't seem interested?"  There are a lot of factors that may lead to an extraordinary time or a flat experience with escorts in Bangkok.

I'm paying for escorts in they better perform!

Bangkok escort Clitina into the sex cave

Contrary to some men's opinion, much of what happens when booking escorts in Bangkok actually depends on how YOU perform, not her!  Most men figure they paid for it, so she's got to put out for me...right?  While that certainly may be true, it's important to keep in mind that escorts in Bangkok are real people with feelings too.  Someone once said, "If you don't know how to warm up the pan, don't expect the meat to be well done"!  Warm her up with some foreplay, light touch, and she'll be tenderizing the meat in no time at all.

True Escorts in Bangkok want to please you, but...

The fact is these girls are doing a job.  Therefore,  when a True Bangkok Escort shows up at your door they may have as many questions as you do about her!  "What will he look like?, how will he treat me?, will he try to abuse me?, will he like me at all?"

Let's face as a customer want two things from your girl

As a result, here's the rub guys with escorts in Bangkok.  If you don't treat a Thai girl well, she may do what you've paid her to do, but NOT with 100% passion and enjoyment.  That can leave a sour taste even though you delivered your payload...right?  If you pay to book escorts in Bangkok you basically want two things: 1) a 100% Girl Friend Experience and 2) a 100% return on your investment.

Here are some tips to maximize your pleasure with a GFE

Here are a few GFE principles to follow to get escorts in Bangkok to really open her heart to you:

Tip #1

1) Be a gentleman: If you act like a coldfish and treat her like a piece of meat...guess what?  You might just get it all back at you buddy.  These girls know all kinds of men, good, bad, and ugly.  So if you're a gentleman and treat your True Bangkok escort with respect, you're immediately recognized as different than others and YOU will reap the dividends.

It's all about how you treat a woman.  And believe me there are some men who lack those skills. They call us all the time. They complain about how they got ripped off by escorts in Bangkok from another company.  Could be her fault.  But again, how did you treat her?

Tip #2

2) Take her slow, don't rush it: This is one of the biggest mistakes men make with Thai escort girls.  The girl walks in and the client demands she drop to her knees.  Ok, so you've been waiting for an hour and now you want it bad.  But why not slow the train down a bit, treat her with a little sweetness, take a few minutes to get to know her as someone who actually has a life?  Then guess what?  You might just get double the honey for your money in return for a little patience and a few minutes of investing time to get to know her as a person.  Try this when you book escorts in Bangkok and you'll see the difference right away!

Tip #3

3) Take her out and treat her like your REAL date:  If you treat her to a nice dinner, a little dancing or drinks, she will feel like you really appreciate her.   Here is a list of some night clubs for your Bangkok Escort girl.  Therefore, chances are you'll have a good time and she'll open up to you more in the bedroom too.  A little extra pampering on your part with escorts in Bangkok will go along way my friend.

Of course that may mean you should consider booking an escort for more than just 2 hours.  Anyone who expects an escort to fall madly in love with them and provide a REAL girl friend experience in a two hour session is dreaming.  If you have the time, take some time to relax, have some conversation and enjoy!

These are just a few helpful hints when you book an escort to get the most return on your escort investment.  You'll be surprised how awesome of a Girl Friend Experience you can have by applying these little things to ultimately turn up the heat in the bedroom.