Clitina Chronicles 4

True Bangkok Escorts: Bangkok Escort Clitina Goes To New Heights

As an escort in Bangkok are trained to know what a man wants.  But sometimes we are definitely surprised what happens when we open that hotel door.  Jack was not always the adventurous type when it came to sex.  But after a few visits from an escort in Bangkok like yours truly, he was now.  That’s probably why I liked Jack more than most others.  I was always game for a fantasy. 

“Hey, I want to try something completely wild”, Jack exclaimed.  I could tell by his bulging crotch something was definitely stirring again.  Feeling bold, he asked me if I had ever had sex on a rooftop before.  “Not really”, I said, “but one time a guy took me to the beach to have sex,” I exclaimed.  “It was really hot, literally!” I said with a smirk.  Jack giggled a bit and pressed his warm swollen manhood closer against my leg as he grabbed my round, firm bottom.

Then he whispered in my ear as he kissed my ear lobes and began going down my neck, “Weren’t you afraid of getting caught?” he asked.

“I wasn’t,” I replied. “Actually, that’s quite a turn on for me.”

“That’s really interesting,” Jack replied. “That’s always been a turn on for me, too.”

“Having sex outdoors?” I laughingly joked.

“Yes,” he said with a sheepish grin. “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist myself.”

“Really…do tell,” I said curiously.  Now I knew why there was something so different about Jack compared to others who request an escort in Bangkok.  This guy was daring and mysterious.

“Well, traveling around on business from one city to the next can get rather boring, and sometimes I need to walk on the wild side as much as possible just to stay excited.  Sometimes I like to find the oddest places to have sex” Jack stated with confidence.  Imagining all this was really turning me on and I could literally feel myself beginning to get wet at the thought of sex out in the open.

“I think you would like that too, right?” he said, noticing my excitement.

“Hard not to like that,” I said.  “Definitely hard,” I said with a chuckle as I stared at his almost fully erect cock with a sly, sexy grin.  “Ever masturbate out there?” he asked.  Sometimes being an escort in Bangkok tends to make me so horny I masturbate as many times as possible, I thought.

“As a matter of fact…I have…every chance I get,” I said proudly, not knowing why I began to reveal my deep dark secret fantasies to Jack.  You see I love masturbating outdoors…anywhere”.  It always feels so liberating to me and just talking about it made my nipples even more erect.

“Do you?” I countered.

“I’ve been known to stroke one or two out when I’m alone. It’s pretty erotic,” he admitted with a convincing tone.

“Do you just whip it out and stroke or do you get naked and take your time?” I asked.

“Depends on the situation and how much time I have, but I usually like to strip off completely and find a secluded place where I can spend some time and really enjoy the sensations,” he explained. “But I’ve never been caught yet, but close.”

“Oh, I was almost caught with my hand in my shorts outside on one occasion,” I confessed.  What did I just say, I thought.  Here I was as an escort in Bangkok confessing my deep dark secrets.  But I felt compelled to  continue.

“There’s a little park by my house and at night I would go for short walks.  One night I was so horny I could feel my love nectar almost running down my leg.  So I sat under a tree in a secluded, dark spot and started to play with myself.  But then a guy walked by, I don’t know if he saw me though.  But he did glance over with a cat in the headlights type of look when he stumbled upon me. 

I quickly pulled my hand out pretending to adjust my shorts, and then he looked embarrassed and wandered off.  I’m the one who should be embarrassed, but I never am.  Usually it’s such a rush that I just keep on going, cumming harder and quicker when I’m alone,” I said.  He noticed the enthusiasm in my voice and that provoked jack even more.  Working as an escort in Bangkok definitely has it’s surprises.

“I’d love to see that,” he said, excitedly.

“Oh, I can tell,” I said looking down at his engorged love snake. “Maybe you will someday,” I teased with a sexy wink.

“I think that day has now arrived Clitina, now put on the robe in the closet and let’s go to the roof” he commanded.  “What do you mean?”, I said with a little crackle in my voice.

With that, Jack stood up, and put on his robe, unlocked the hotel door and opened it.  “You’re not serious?”,  I exclaimed feeling a bit cautious, although I must admit I was definitely feeling turned on.  “Oh I’m very serious, now put on the robe and follow me”.  Jack stood out in the hallway as I exited his room and we proceeded to the elevators.

“Where are we going?” I inquired wondering what I had gotten myself into.  “To the roof, this is going to be fun!” he said with a wide seductive grin on his face.  But what about the security guards I thought.  Then I remembered the time…it was 3am and most likely no one, even the security guards, were awake at this hour.