Clitina Takes Her Bangkok Escorts Service on the Road

Bangkok Escort Clitina Takes Her Strip Show on the Road

Bangkok escorts know that things often change quickly.  A couple nights ago I was sitting all alone at home thinking, “I hate it when I’m extremely horny and there’s no customer for me.”  I kinda pride myself in giving the best Bangkok escorts service.  But as a Bangkok escort, you sort of get a hunger for touch late at night that sometimes simply unbearable.  Suddenly the phone rang.  My boss had just booked me overnight with a man named Jeremy staying at the JW Marriott.  I could feel my pussy juices already beginning to flow in anticipation of a night filled with wild unbridled lust and passion.  Bangkok escorts service here I come (pun intended)!

Clitina arrives ready for Bangkok escorts service action!

I arrived just before 10pm and proceeded directly to his room.  When he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to see this handsome man.  There he was standing in his bathrobe.  “Hello Clitina, I’ve been waiting patiently to meet you and I must say you’re even sexier than the website photos!”  “Thank you”, I said as entered his room and took a seat on his bed.

“Before we get started, I have a question”, he blurted out as he stared at my body, undressing me with his sexy blue eyes.  “Have you ever done a strip show for a customer?”  My memory suddenly flashed back to years ago when I worked in a Bangkok bar.  I was a stripper before providing Bangkok escorts service.  I used to wear an under-sized nurse outfit for that job.  You could say I was very young, actually underage (16), and very naïve.  But I guess I became popular because of my curvy petite body, firm ass and 38D cup breasts.  At least that what the Farangs told me.  “Yes, I’ve done strip shows before”, I said.  With a curious tone in my voice, “what did you have in mind?”, I asked.

“Can you do one for me?” he said with an almost childlike look on his face.  I was a very flexible dancer in my day.  I even learned how to do the splits in a client’s face for extra tip money.  But I remembered too how I always needed to touch myself a lot and play with my clit using a dildo before going on stage to get really warmed up before my strip show dance.  Little did I know much those skills would come in handy in my Bangkok escorts service.

Clitina gets warmed up

“I’d really like that”, exclaimed Jeremy.  “Ok, then please excuse me for a minute so I can prepare”, as I made my way into the bathroom to change into my sexy black and red lingerie.   Fortunately I brought my sex toy with me to turn me on a bit.  As I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, I reached over and pulled my long dildo out of my bag and began playing with my tight little pussy to get into the mood.   As I buried the dildo into deeper and deeper into my love cave, I could feel my pussy nectar beginning to drip down my leg.  You see, I’ve always had a very wet pussy when stimulated and can even squirt if I get excited enough.I performed a wonderful Bangkok escorts service strip show for Jeremy and he loved it.

As I walked out of the bathroom dressed to kill in my sexy thong, nylons and heels, there was Jeremy playing with his engorged cock in bed waiting ever so eagerly for my entrance.  

“You look amazing Clitina!”, he said as he stared at my crotch waiting for the unveiling.  I began to sway back and forth in a serpentine motion to the sensual music Jeremy chose, thinking my movements would seduce his bulging cock to commence our playtime.

It’s playtime, but wait another surprise?

My inhibitions disappeared straight away as I started feeling my clit swelling as waves of sensual pleasure traversed around my tits and firm bottom.  I swayed and swayed to the beat of the music, dancing and sashaying about while teasing him with a peek or two of my soaking wet pussy.  Then I began to strip slowly down removing my top to reveal my erect nipples and sexy black thong.  Jeremy suddenly sat up on the bed like an obedient slave at full attention, as I danced my way over to Jeremy to give him a lap dance.  I could tell he was indeed ready for action from this True Bangkok Escort…


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