Clitina Chronicles 5

Clitina Enters the Sex Cave – Part I

Gary was a first time Bangkok escort client and was waiting for me in his hotel room as he promised.  I arrived a little early and went to the hotel lobby bathroom to freshen up before proceeding to take the hotel elevator to Gary’s room.

I knocked at his door and suddenly I stood in amazement as Gary answered the door completely naked.  “Ahha!…I see you’re standing in the doorway naked”, I said with a funny, but puzzled look on my face.  “Yes, I’ve been waiting months for you Clitina.  Now enter into my intimate Sex Cave darling.”  Sex cave?

I couldn’t help but giggle a little to myself while thinking, “What have I gotten myself into now?”   But I was quickly reminded that as a Bangkok escort with True Bangkok Escorts, one never knows what you might see on the other side of the hotel room door.

I was wearing casual as Gary requested with just a pair of jeans and a tee shirt with no bra to clearly see my bulging nipples underneath.  My hardened nipples make the tee shirt material stretch in just the right places.  “You look perfect tonight Clitina darling”, Gary exclaimed as he stared down at my erect nipples.

As I entered his room the smell of incense filled the room.   Even though it was just a basic one bedroom hotel room, he made into his version of a sex den by burning incense and posting porn pictures at various places in the room.  I wasn’t too surprised though.  As a Bangkok escort you see a lot of things.  “Do you like my décor darling?” “Well, it’s definitely unique,” I said as I looked closely at the pictures of couples embracing in various sexual positions.

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Suddenly Gary reached out and pulled off my tee, cupped my breasts in his hands and started fondling my sensitive nipples.  “You’re ready for action I see!” I said with a devilish grin on my face while feeling more and more turned on by Gary’s sensual touch.  As he rolled my nipples between his fingers, pinching them to make them harder, I began to feel my love juices flowing freely.

“Oh, yes that’s nice!” I moaned, as he pinched them even harder, while allowing his other hand to begin to freely roam all over my hard, petite body.

I decided it was time to get right into the session, so I pulled off my jeans and panties.  His eyes suddenly beamed with delight at the sight of my dripping wet pussy.  He immediately fell to his knees in front of me and I allowed the sweetness of my nectar to roll onto his face and lips.  His tongue tickled my love opening as he caressed up and down my swollen vulva lips and then settled for awhile on my clitoris. But I would only let him stay there for a moment.   I had bigger plans for Gary that night!  Then I noticed something very scary hanging in the corner of Gary’s “Sex Cave”.  “WHAT IS THAT???” I exclaimed.
Check back soon for: Clitina Enters the Sex Cave – Part II