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You Can Have a REAL Girl Friend Experience!

When it comes to booking an escort usually what every man wants to know is: “Will I get my money’s worth in this session OR will I be disappointed because she didn’t seem interested?”  There are a lot of factors that may lead to an extraordinary time or a flat experience.  But much of what happens does depend on YOU, not her!  Most men figure they paid for it, so she’s got to put out for me.  While that certainly may be true, but keep in mind escorts are real people with feelings too and if you don’t know how to warm up the pan, don’t expect the meat to be well done!

True Bangkok Escorts Girl Friend Experience
The fact is these girls are doing a job and when an escort shows up at your door they may have as many questions as you do about her: “What will he look like?, how will he treat me?, will he try to abuse me?, will he like me at all?”  Here’s the rub guys: If you don’t treat a Thai girl well, she may do what you’ve paid her to do, but NOT with 100% passion and enjoyment.  Let’s face it…if you pay to book an escort you want two things: 1) a 100% Girl Friend Experience and 2) a 100% return on your investment.

Here are a few GFE principles to follow to get an escort to really open her heart to you:

1) Be a gentleman: If you act like a coldfish and treat her like a piece of meat…guess what?  You might just get it all back at you buddy.  These girls know all kinds of men, good, bad, and ugly.  So if you’re a gentleman and treat your Bangkok escort with respect, you’re immediately recognized as different than others and YOU will reap the dividends.  Get the picture?

2) Take her slow, don’t rush it: This is one of the biggest mistakes men make with Thai escort girls.  The girl walks in and the client demands she drop to her knees.  Ok, so you’ve been waiting for an hour and now you want it bad.  But why not slow the train down a bit, treat her with a little sweetness, take a few minutes to get to know her as someone who actually has a life?  Then guess what?  You might just get double the honey for your money in return for a little patience and a few minutes of investing time to get to know her as a person.

3) Take her out and treat her like your REAL date:  If you treat her to a nice dinner, a little dancing or drinks, she will feel like you really appreciate her, and chances are you’ll have a good time and she’ll open up to you more in the bedroom.  A little extra pampering on your part will go along way my friend.  Of course that means you should consider booking an escort for more than just 2 hours.  Anyone who expects an escort to fall madly in love with them and provide a REAL girl friend experience in a two hour session is dreaming.

These are just a few helpful hints when you book an escort to get the most return on your escort investment.  You’ll be surprised how awesome of a Girl Friend Experience you can have by applying these little things to ultimately turn up the heat in the bedroom.