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Clitina Chronicles 2

True Bangkok Escort Girl – Clitina’s Secret Obsession

Being a Bangkok escort girl has it’s challenges.  As a True Bangkok Escort girl we are constantly urged to learn how to please a man.  I’ve been told I’m the best Bangkok escort girl in Thailand.  I take that as a compliment and there are many men who have fallen prey to my charming personality and sexy escort ways.  But sometimes…just sometimes, I meet my match.

Jack booked me with True Bangkok Escorts for the third time.  I was like…”man this guy can’t get enough!”  I clearly remembered Jack from the first time we meet.  He said he’d never been with a Bangkok escort girl before and seemed scared.   But the second time…oh did he get the full Bangkok escort girl service from me and was stung by my sexy escort ways!   This time it seemed Jack was as horny as I’ve ever seen a Bangkok escort girl customer.

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As his voice got louder like a famished animal devouring it’s prey, I had a strong craving for a massive gob-full of his sexy milk.  Normally I’m trained as a Bangkok Escort girl to tantalize and wait until the moment of descent.  But It didn’t take long before Jack went straight over the edge.  I looked on with enormous satisfaction as he dissolved an all-consuming climax into my mouth, shooting a very generous ejaculation straight down my throat.  I savored the delicious taste, devouring it eagerly before swallowing it.  I counted three or four very strong spurts, and then several more smaller ones, as he pumped away vigorously until he was totally spent.

I was certainly happy enough as I smiled looking deep into his eyes.  His stare was hypnotizing and made me want him even more!  I closed my eyes, savoring the taste and enjoying the thrill of the lovely warm sticky sensation in my mouth.  I’d taken in more than I could hold in my mouth and I couldn’t help dribbling a little sexy milk down my lips.

As he bent over to kiss me, I transferred the last of his sexy milk into Jack’s mouth.  As I drew back and watched him swallow, he spluttered a sharp cough, his cheeks red, his eyes watering.  I guess he wasn’t used to eating his own dessert!

He’d experienced the magic of my sexy oral skills, and I knew if I were to lie with him for a while longer, whispering the secrets of my wanton kinky porn star style mischief, it might not be too long before that weary cock was twitching again.  I could hardly wait for my next Bangkok escort girl adventure with Jack!