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Clitina Chronicles 3

True Bangkok Escorts: Clitina’s Titty Temptations

Bangkok escorts are often told to do things that are unusually fun.  Jack wanted something exciting after watching the movie, “50 Shades of Gray”.  As True Bangkok escorts we encounter all types of guys who love to play soft and yet they often like it a little different each time.  I asked Jack if he’d like to be tickled with pleasure as I massaged him while he was handcuffed.

He did as I requested, and I promptly reached into my bag and pulled out two sets of handcuffs.  Jack’s eyes suddenly got as big as marbles.  “You DO have the key for those things don’t you?” he asked cautiously.  Jack was a CEO for a large multinational corporation which also sponsors a Southeast Asian branch in Bangkok, Thailand.  Jack always went to great lengths to avoid any mishap or embarrassment with Bangkok escorts that might jeopardize his reputation as a businessman.  The nice thing about booking an escort from True Bangkok Escorts is we are always taught to be discreet.  We never tell!

I recalled how he had handed me a big tip the last time we met under one condition, that I take a vow of silence never to speak to anyone regarding our clandestine meetings together.  I reached into the bottom of my bag and dangled both sets of keys in front of his eyes.  “Don’t worry Jack…here they are!”  He relaxed and laid back on the bed on his stomach.

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“Now, tell me if this hurts” I said, as I clamped his hands and feet to the bed posts.  Then a strange thing happened that I’ve never experienced as a part of True Bangkok escorts.  I suddenly felt an intense power coursing through every limb of my body.  It was like a sudden obsession to be controlled.  But it was Jack who was now spread eagle and butt naked on the bed!  I had a hunch this soft BDSM technique would end up a lot more devious than expected…

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